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The present regulations may be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the Organisation, as well as any other data, rule or section for the optimum running of the race. The fact of registering shows the participant’s conformity with these regulations.

These regulations shall be strictly complied with by all participants in the event called HUEX NON STOP. Any incident not covered herein will be resolved by the HUEX NON STOP Jury, the Sports Director of the event, a Member of the Organisation and a Runner’s Representative.

The HUEX NON STOP event is organised by TerraIncognita Global SL.

The HUEX NON STOP is a federated mountain bike sporting event in the Province of Huelva of self-sufficiency and ultra endurance in which you participate individually or in teams (relay mode). 

The route is mainly along paths, tracks and trails. There will be stretches and road crossings where the rules of the road must be respected at all times, which will be grounds for disqualification and will be subject to sanctions by the Guardia Civil and Local Police of the different municipalities in the event of any infringement of these rules.

The race will start on Saturday 16th November at 10:00h in El Rompido, Municipality of Cartaya and will finish on Sunday 17th November in the same place at 22:00h (36 hours).

The race consists of 9 sections, at the end of each of which there is an obligatory relay point. 

The race is a federated race and will be run according to the technical and sporting regulations indicated in these rules. 

In the event that there is no rule or if there is any doubt, the rules of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation or, as a last resort, those of the International Cycling Union (UCI) will be applied.

The HUEX NON STOP is held with absolute respect for the environment.

Participants must respect the environment in which the event takes place and keep the surroundings clean. To this end, they must eat and drink WITHOUT LEAVING ANY CONTAINERS OUTSIDE THE CONTAINERS provided for this purpose. 

FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS POINT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION OF THE RUNNER, who may be disqualified by a simple statement from any member of the organising team of the Race. 

Participants will be disqualified from the competition if they show violent behaviour or throw rubbish into nature. It is compulsory to respect crops, livestock and private property in general.

Participants will be responsible for any damage caused as a consequence of this type of behaviour.

It is strictly forbidden to receive external help or refreshments during the race outside the points provided by the Organization: these will coincide with the official refreshment points of the race.

Participation in the HUEX NON STOP implies being of legal age on the day of the event. 

Participants may register in one of the following team categories:

Individual Male or Female.
Male, Female or Mixed Pairs Relay.
Trios Relays Male, Female or Mixed.


The course of the HUEX NON STOP is divided into 9 sections.

  • Individual Category: The participant must complete all 9 legs.
  • PAIRS Relay Category: Each participant must complete at least 4 legs.
  • TRIOS Relay Category: Each participant must complete at least 3 legs.
  • TEAM RELAYS Category: Each participant must complete at least 2 legs.


The order of the sections to be completed by each participant is freely chosen by the team, and the same participant may complete several sections in a row.

The checkpoints will coincide with the end/beginning of each section and will be the only point where the relay can be given to the next participant. Any change of relay outside the checkpoint will be subject to disqualification of the participant / team.

Participation will be open to all those who correctly formalise both the REGISTRATION and the payment stipulated for the races. 

In order to participate in HUEX NON STOP you must have an annual UCI licence issued by a national cycling federation. If it is not the RFEC, you must present an identification document and authorisation from the relevant federation indicating that you are covered by your country’s insurance. 

In case of not having a licence, all participants must apply for a day licence provided by the Andalusian Cycling Federation at an additional cost of €20 + vat. Participants in possession of a Touring Licence who wish to qualify for classifications and prizes must also pay for a one-day licence.

Registration fees are published in the section REGISTRATION.

Registration for the HUEX NON STOP implies the acceptance of the rules and the adequate preparation of the participant for the event, being aware of the geographical and meteorological conditions that can be found in the environment where the event takes place. In this sense, the participant exempts the Organisation from any possible health problems that may arise from his/her participation in the HUEX NON STOP.

The runners registered for the race understand that they participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the event, and therefore, exonerate the Organisation of the race from all responsibility, and agree not to denounce the organising entity, collaborators, sponsors and other participants; nor to initiate any civil liability claim against the aforementioned parties.

50% of the registration fee will be refunded without justified cause up to 30 days before the race. The runner may take out a cancellation insurance policy at the time of registration in order to receive 100% of the registration fee in the event of cancellation up to 15 days before the race.

All refunds will be made within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the request.

Once the cancellation request has been made, the place becomes available to the Organisation, who will give it to the candidate who is at the top of the waiting list at that time, if there is one.

Each participant / team will receive a geolocation device that will mark at all times the location and route completed. 

This geolocation device will be the object that each participant in the relay will have to hand over at the Control Point to the next participant who is going to continue the next leg. 

The geolocation device indicates the participant’s status and location at all times, so that any alert of movement, departure or shortening of the route or change of participant will be controlled by the organisation.

The real time location of each participant will be published live on the event’s website for all the public, being a fundamental tool for the person in ASSISTANCE, as they will be able to know in real time the location of their participant/team.

The geolocation devices will be handed out 1 hour before the start next to the Signature Control.




The route of the HUEX NON STOP WILL NOT BE signposted with ribbons or arrows, and the use of a GPS navigation device is COMPULSORY to follow the route. 

The organisation will provide all participants with the track of each of the 9 sections that make up the route.

In the event of leaving the route, the participant must return to the route via the same place where he/she left it. In the event of returning to the course by a route that involves a cut in the official route, a penalty will be imposed in accordance with the rules set out in the article «Penalties».

For participants in the INDIVIDUAL category, it is their responsibility to manage batteries and/or change GPS navigation devices at each Control Point.

The HUEX NON STOP is a test of self-sufficiency and ultra endurance.  During the route between each checkpoint there is no assistance, refreshments or pick-up service.

Participants / teams must accredit at the time of registration an ASSISTANCE person who will be responsible for assisting the participant and / or team throughout the race, ensuring food, hydration, mechanical and withdrawal assistance during the course outside the checkpoints.

Participation WITHOUT ASSISTANCE PERSONNEL will be ALLOWED, as long as the LIABILITY WAIVER document, which will be found in the registration form, is correctly attached, and the participant is aware of the disadvantages that this will entail.

The organisation will only provide a refreshment, mechanical assistance and rest area at the check points where each section finishes.

The ASSISTANCE person must be identified and will be the only member of the team allowed to enter the area marked out at the Check Point.

The ASSISTANCE person will be the contact person for the organisation to communicate and/or inform about any incident that may occur with the participant.

The same ASSISTANCE person may assist more than one participant/team.

The ASSISTANCE person can be one of the participants in the case of COUPLES, TRIOS and TEAMS.

The HUEX NON STOP is a test of self-sufficiency and ultra-endurance. In the night sections, the organisers will set up a covered rest area at the end of each of these sections so that participants who require it can rest for as long as they deem necessary without ever exceeding the closing time of the section. 

Any runner who does not leave the section because he/she is sleeping before the closing time will be disqualified. 

The material for resting (mattresses, mats, etc.) must be provided by the participant’s ASSISTANCE person.

Rest areas and closing time: 

Almonaster – Closes at (To be defined)

Cañaveral – Closing at (To be defined)

Puerto Moral – Closes at (To be defined)

Nerva – Closes at (To be defined)

The race bib and runner’s bag can only be collected at the established place and at the scheduled times. For those runners who cannot collect their bibs on Friday, a tent will be set up in the start area to collect the bibs one hour before the start. All the timetables can be found in the + INFO section of the website.

The participant will be obliged to wear the bib number during the whole race, always on the front of the bike, in a totally visible way.

Each bib number is personal and non-transferable. The bib must be collected by the bib holder or by a third party as long as they present express authorisation from the bib holder and a photocopy of their ID card and/or passport.

Each participant will be assigned a bib number which will be determined randomly in all cases, except for the first numbers which will be determined by the Organisation. 

The HUEX NON STOP has the following modalities:

  • RELAYS PAIRS (2 participants)
  • TRIOS RELAYS (3 participants)
  • TEAM RELAYS (4 participants)

The categories established for each modality of HUEX NON STOP will be the following:

  • INDIVIDUAL MALE / FEMALE MTB (18 years old and over. (18 years of age and over. 18 years of age before the celebration of the event).
  • INDIVIDUAL MALE / FEMALE GRAVEL (18 years old and over. (18 years of age and over. 18 years of age before the celebration of the event).
  • RELAYS PAIRS MALE, FEMALE AND MIXED  (18 years and over. At least 18 years old before the celebration of the event).
  • RELAY TRIO MALE, FEMALE AND MIXED (18 years and over. At least 18 years of age before the celebration of the event).
  • TEAM RELAYS MALE, FEMALE AND MIXED (18 years old and over. At least 18 years old before the celebration of the event) *MIXED: At least one woman in the team.

IMPORTANT: In the case of the RELAYS, if in any category (male, female or mixed) there are not 3 or more relays of the same category, the classification of this one will be general.


  • CORPORATE (Teams formed by employees of the same company/institution/organisation).
  • SUB 23 (19 to 22 years old in the year of the competition) *MTB only.
  • ELITE (From 23 years old in the year of the competition) *MTB only.
  • MASTER 30 (30 to 39 years of age, completed in the year of the competition) *MTB only.
  • MASTER 40 (From 40 to 49 years old. Completed the year of the competition) *MTB only
  • MASTER 50 (From 50 to 59 years old. Completed the year of the competition) *MTB only
  • MASTER 60 (From 60 to 75 years old. Completed the year of the competition) *MTB only
  • E -BIKE (Complete Teams / Individual with Electric bikes) This subcategory does NOT enter in the Classification if there is not 3.

The subcategories are not cumulative, i.e. it is not possible to participate in two subcategories.

Important: in the case of Couples, Trios and Teams, the subcategory will be established by taking the average age in years of the team members. 

E.g.: If the average of all team members is 39,8. Only the absolute values will be used, (years), in this case 39, and it would be Master 30 category.  

The HUEX Non Stop has an E-Bike subcategory with the intention of giving the possibility of enjoying the event to cyclists who use this type of bike. 

The E-Bike subcategory will NOT count for the general classification of the race, but they will have their own particular classification in the different modalities of the event: Individual, Couples, Trios or Teams 4. 

In order to guarantee the correct development of the race and to avoid possible large time lags between the race leader in the general classification and the E-BIKE sub-category, there will be a minimum time at the start of each section in which no E-Bike will be allowed to start. 

The classification of the E-Bike sub-category will be the sum of the times of each of the 9 completed stages. 

Example: Minimum start time for section 4 starting in Almonaster: 22:00h. If an E-BIKE participant arrives at the end of Leg 3 in Almonaster at 21:15h, he/she will not be able to continue and start Leg 4 until 22:00h. 

In the event that an E-BIKE participant arrives at the end of the section one hour after the minimum time imposed for the start of the next section, he/she will be able to continue the route without waiting.

This measure is aimed at not detracting from the competition or the logistical development of the event. 

Minimum start time at the beginning of each section: 

Section 1: El Rompido – (To be defined) (together with the rest of the participants).

Section 2: Tharsis – (To be defined)

Section 3 – Sta. Bárbara – (To be defined)

Section 4 – Almonaster – (To be defined)

Section 5 – Cañaveral – (To be defined)

Section 6 – Puerto Moral – (To be defined)

Section 7 – Nerva – (To be defined)

Section 8 – Villarrasa – (To be defined)

Section 9 – Gibraleón – (To be defined)

The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday at the Huex MTB Finish Line Gala at 14:00h for Pairs, Trios and Team relays and at 18:00h for Individual modality.

Trophies will be awarded to the following categories:

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd INDIVIDUAL MTB category.

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd INDIVIDUAL GRAVEL category.

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the COUPLES category

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the category TRIOS

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the TEAMS category

There must be a minimum of 3 participants in this category for this classification to be made.


Podium Medals will be awarded to the following subcategories:

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each subcategory in INDIVIDUAL MTB (Corporate, Élite, M30, M40, M50, M60).

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each subcategory in INDIVIDUAL GRAVEL (Corporate, Élite, M30, M40, M50, M60).

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each subcategory in COUPLE (Corporate, Élite, M30, M40, M50, M60)

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each subcategory in TRIOS (Corporate, Élite, M30, M40, M50, M60)

– 1st, 2nd, 3rd of each subcategory in TEAMS (Corporate, Élite, M30, M40, M50, M60).

Non-presence at the trophy ceremony shall be understood as a waiver of the trophies or prizes won. Any delegation to another person for the collection of the trophies and prizes must be known and authorised by the Organisation at least 1 hour before the awarding of the trophies and prizes.

In case the winners want their trophy / medal to be sent to them after the event. They should contact the organisation to claim the delivery, which will be charged to the participant at a cost of €10. 

The organisation obliges the participants of the HUEX NON STOP to carry the following material in order to be able to take part in the race:

  • Use of a rigid helmet approved for cycling during the course of the race.
  • Watertight bottles and/or bags for liquids: With a minimum total capacity of 1L.
  • Mobile phone with a charged battery.
  • Use of reflective elements, front and rear lights so that participants are clearly visible at dusk, night and dawn.
  • Thermal blanket.
  • Food reserve: bars, gels, fruit…
  • Mechanical spare parts for punctures.

The start and finish of the HUEX NON STOP will be on Saturday 16th November at 10:00h in the town of El Rompido, Cartaya.

The race will be held with a single start.

A starting grid will be formed with the most outstanding participants at the discretion of the organization. 

The finish line will be located in the same place, being a circular route. The finish line will close at 22:00h on Sunday 17th November (36 hours).

The race route will be published on the official website of the race. Any changes or modifications will be made public through the same means.

Each participant must follow the entire route, passing through all the checkpoints.

Participants may be provided with refreshments by their person ASSISTANCE at any point along the route.

At each refreshment point there will be a specific closing time, and it is essential to pass before the established closing time in order to be able to continue in the race.

Each refreshment point will have food and drink available, which will vary depending on the kilometre where it is located. Food and drink must be consumed at the refreshment post in sufficient quantity to guarantee the necessary energy reserves to be able to reach the next refreshment post, except for water, which can also be loaded into the tanks and reservoirs carried by the participant.

Only the participant who finishes the section will be allowed to enter the refreshment post. 

The only vehicles allowed to follow the race will be those accredited by the Organisation. It is strictly forbidden to follow the runners in any type of motor vehicle or vehicle on wheels (skates, bicycles, etc…), and the Local Police, Civil Guard or any other competent authority will be expressly ordered to remove them from the circuit. 

A broom vehicle will be available at the tail end of the race to pick up runners who for any reason do not wish or are unable to follow the race. Runners who are not in a position to keep to the scheduled closing time for the control of the activity, following instructions from any member of the organisation, must get into the vehicle or abandon the race.

Throughout the race there will be several medical and security teams that will be coordinated with 112 by the central management of the HUEX NON STOP.

These teams will be distributed among the different Control Points and refreshment posts and the participant will be able to request their help or assistance in case of need.

Random or general medical checks may be carried out at certain points. Refusal to carry out a check-up or disrespect to the doctor or assistant who requests it will result in the immediate invalidation of the race bib.

All participants will submit to the doctor’s judgement whenever he/she so requests, the assessment of the medical team taking precedence over any other, and therefore the doctors may:

  • Eliminate from the race (by cancelling the race bib) any runner they consider unfit to continue.
  • Order the evacuation of any runner they consider to be in danger.
  • Order the hospitalisation of any runner when this is considered necessary.

The abandonment of one of the team members must be communicated as soon as possible to the organisation. In case of abandonment of one of the members of a team, the others may continue the race, being able to be finishers but not eligible for classification prizes. 

If the runner who abandons is the one who is running, he/she must do so at the relay point, arriving by his/her own means and without any outside help; in the event of a runner not completing a section, the whole team shall abandon the race.

In the event of abandonment in the middle of the route due to technical breakdown, fatigue and/or injury, the participant must notify the organisation and the person in attendance will have to evacuate the participant.

In the event of needing medical assistance and the participant is unable to reach a checkpoint, he/she will activate the emergency telephone by contacting the organisation by telephone using the Emergency Mobile Telephone number indicated on the race bib.

Once at the refreshment point, the runner will communicate his/her desire to abandon the race to the person in charge of the refreshment point so that he/she can cancel the race bib, hand over the geolocation device and identify him/her as having withdrawn.

The participant withdrawn at the Check Point will be picked up by his ASSISTANCE. 

In the event that the withdrawn runner chooses to return by his own means, he must also inform the organisation of his abandonment, hand over the geolocation device so that the organisation can cancel his bib and identify him as withdrawn, otherwise the organisation will consider him lost and will activate the rescue alarm.

In the event of bad weather conditions or force majeure, the organisers reserve the right to suspend, neutralise or modify the time slots and/or the route of the race and/or the race.

The Race Direction as well as any member of the Organisation will monitor the application of the Rules and are empowered to immediately apply the following penalties or disqualifications:


  • Failure to wear a helmet. Disqualification.
  • Failure to respect the rules of the road. Disqualification.
  • Departure from the marked course even if it does not represent a major shortcut, but outside the marked route. Penalty 10 min.
  • Departure from the marked course representing an important shortcut. Penalty 30 min, 1st warning. Disqualification, 2nd warning.
  • Accompaniment by a person not registered for the race. Penalty 30 min, 1st warning. Disqualification 2nd warning.
  • Individual assistance outside the radius of a refreshment post. Penalty 15 min, 1st warning. Disqualification 2nd warning.
  • Failure to close fences and/or gates through which the race passes. Disqualification.
  • Littering during the course. Disqualification.
  • Failure to assist a person in difficulty (injury, severe exhaustion, hypothermia, etc.). Disqualification and prohibition to participate in future editions.
  • Failure to pass a Check Point. Disqualification.
  • Refusal to undergo a medical check or an equipment check. Disqualification.
  • Removing or changing the marks set by the organisation. Disqualification and prohibition to participate in future editions.
  • Use of a means of transport. Passing the race bib to another runner. Disqualification and prohibition to participate in future editions.
  • Abandoning the race without notifying the organisation. Disqualification and prohibition to participate in future editions.
  • Failure to complete the entire route by bike in the place marked by the organisers. Disqualification.
  • Failure to wear the bib number on the front of the bike and in a visible place. Warning + Disqualification.
  • Spending more time than the time established by the organisers to complete the entire route, as well as exceeding the maximum time limits established for each section. Disqualification.

The organisation declines any responsibility for the deterioration, loss, theft or destruction of participants’ material during the event. 

In the event of abandonment by the participant, the organisation accepts no responsibility for any possible damage that the bicycle may suffer during the transfer to the established cut-off point, with the participant supervising the securing to the broom vehicle by the operators.

The organisation is not responsible for any accident that may be the cause or victim of the participant, which must be covered by the participant’s own insurance. In the event of not having a licence, all participants must apply for the day licence provided by the Andalusian Cycling Federation.

In the event of an accident, please call the emergency telephone number on the front square. It is not possible to go to a health centre or hospital without prior notification unless it is a case of extreme urgency. 

Acceptance of these regulations obligatorily implies that the participant authorises TerraIncognita Global SL to take photographs and film their participation in any of the HUEX NON STOP modalities, and gives their consent for the dissemination, commercial and advertising exploitation of all images taken during the HUEX NON STOP, TerraIncognita Global SL reserves the exclusive right to the image of the HUEX NON STOP, as well as the audiovisual, photographic and journalistic exploitation of the competition, without the right of the runner to receive any financial compensation. Any media or advertising project must first have the express written consent of the organisers. If this is not the case, any legal action deemed appropriate will be taken.